First Post: Depression sucks

WELCOME: KSP #1 Hey guys… So this is my first post and I wanted to make it count! This blog is for YOU and me, a win win experience where we will interact with one another and share our stories… My torturous depression began in late elementary school when I was about 9 Advertisements

Sick days

The last few days I’ve been sick; missed a day of school; sleeping all day. To be honest, it was awesome. I wanted to do this blog about just that.  Whether you ARE sick or fake sick, we get a day or two to get away from reality for a while. This is sort of … More Sick days


My brain is fried, My tears have arrived. I just want to be happy… I thought it was possible, but as time passes by… My hope’s dying out, I wish I could die… My heart pounds real hard, A beat from within, As I clench my only friend hard, A blade on my skin. The … More Red

My Depression

Thank you guys so much for all of the support. Just for reference, I am going to try my absolute hardest to post everyday Monday through Friday.. But, I am in high school and something could get in the way every once in a while, so I apologize in advance. My depression story is quite … More My Depression